Grossman Solutions leads Connecticut vaccine outreach initiative, improving vaccination rate by ~20%

When COVID-19 vaccines became available in the spring of 2021, Governor Lamont and the Connecticut Department of Public Health (CT DPH) recognized that our state’s hardest hit communities needed extra support. African American and Latino families were less likely to have easy access to the vaccine and were more likely to suffer severe illness and death than other Connecticut residents.

To help combat this inequity, CT DPH hired Grossman Solutions to design and execute Get Vaccinated CT, a data-driven, door-to-door campaign that informs residents in vulnerable communities about the vaccine, debunks common misconceptions, and helps people get their shot.

Since that time, Get Vaccinated CT canvassers have met 39,923 people while knocking on 267,625 doors. We’ve also talked with 9,633 on the phone and texted with another 329,317.

Our carefully tailored approach is paying off. In the census blocks where we have worked, we saw an average 17.8% increase in vaccination rates compared to adjacent uncanvassed neighborhoods.


Training Makes the Difference

When our well-trained, diverse team meets with people at their door, they are equipped with persuasive scripts, award-winning technology, and culturally-competent materials. Each visit is supported and reinforced by targeted social media, texting, phone calls and direct mail. Using multiple tactics and working with DPH partners like Griffin Hospital who provide vaccination clinics in our target neighborhoods, we move people to get their vaccine.

Of course, no large project like this comes without challenges. Too many residents we encounter still aren’t ready to get vaccinated. Misinformation rages online. And the virus keeps changing the rules as variants develop.

But every morning, our canvassers proudly start their day knowing they will save more lives.

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Political Strategy and Recruiting Progressive Leaders with Andrew Grossman

Listen to Andrew Grossman as he guests on The Great Battlefield podcast to discuss his career in politics, including his work on campaigns, at the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee and WalMart Watch, and as the National Platform Director for the Democratic Convention in 2012, 2016, and 2020. Andrew also talks about how his firm, Grossman Solutions, helps progressive organizations develop strategy, manage campaigns, and recruit and hire talented leaders.

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Grossman Solutions helps America Votes build a diverse team of exceptional leaders

Since 2019, Grossman Solutions has worked closely with America Votes to help them grow and build a diverse leadership team.

Grossman Solutions helped America Votes assess the roles they needed and the types of leaders they wanted through our thorough and inclusive stakeholder interview process. Speaking with staff and organizational partners at all levels helped us gain a deep understanding of the organization and the kinds of leaders that would be most successful. We then crafted detailed job descriptions to meet those needs.

For each position, Grossman Solutions recruited a wide pool of candidates from across the country through our networks and carefully targeted outreach. We worked hand-in-hand with the team at America Votes throughout the process, from screening resumes, to interviews, to the final evaluation and vetting process.

As COVID-19 became a reality, Grossman Solutions was able to create a completely remote hiring process that was as robust as our in-person one. Working closely with America Votes and potential candidates, we were able to continue to interview and help hire and onboard key leadership, even in this tumultuous time.

In all, Grossman Solutions helped America Votes hire their Chief of Staff, Political Director, Data Director, Director of Talent and People Operations, as well as a Deputy Field Director and Deputy Political Director.  America Votes has built a deeply diverse team of talented leaders who bring a range of life experiences and skills that help the organization build progressive power every day.

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Who is America Votes?

America Votes works with over 400 state and national partner organizations to advance progressive policies, win elections and protect every American’s right to vote.  In 2020, the America Votes coalition will deploy their largest-ever voter engagement and mobilization effort which will target millions of voters in key states.

Since 2003, America Votes has been the common link between many of the largest and most influential issue and membership organizations in the country, serving as the coordination hub of the progressive community. America Votes’ work has brought together a wide range of causes and built a unified coalition that has transformed how the progressive community works. Together, they have engaged communities across the country to take action on critical issues – from fighting for working families, to advancing women’s healthcare, to protecting the environment and more – and mobilized millions of voters to turn out on Election Day. 

America Votes works year-round nationally and in more than 20 key states, acting as a permanent campaign to continually advance progressive causes. America Votes provides a range of services to partners, including strategic planning, advocacy and electoral campaign coordination, data tools and targeting services, and on-the-ground leadership in key states. 

America Votes also works to improve election systems and fight back against efforts to suppress voters, taking the lead throughout their state network to coordinate and execute advocacy campaigns with allies to reform elections and modernize the voting process.