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Grossman Solutions can help you take the next step in your career.

We know how challenging it is to look for a new job, so our coaches provide the support you need as you go through the process. No matter where you are on your career path, your coach will help you think through your choices and develop the tools and skills you need to land your next position.

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Since 2007, Grossman Solutions has worked with organizations and campaigns across the country to help them hire talented leaders. We understand what non-profits, advocacy groups, political organizations, and labor unions are looking for when they hire.

Our career coaching services are carefully tailored to match your aspirations with our expertise. We work with clients at every level of their careers, from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences.

Our coaches are expert leaders, managers, communicators, and organizers who have worked at the highest levels of political campaigns, in the White House and on the Hill, and in advocacy organizations, labor unions, and non-profits. We will carefully match you with the coach who best fits your individual interests and needs.

We offer a range of services to our career coaching clients. General career coaching can help you focus on the next steps in your career growth and development, build your job search strategy, or create a roadmap for your long-term career goals. Resume and cover letter coaching will help you effectively introduce yourself to potential employers with a resume and cover letter that will highlight how your experiences make you a great candidate for a job. Interview coaching will help you talk persuasively about who you are and your skills and experience.  

The cost for our services is $250 for a 90-minute session. Contact us today to schedule time with your Grossman Solutions career coach.

Career Coaching

Are you looking for a new position, but don’t know where to start? Feeling like it’s time for a change? Ready for an opportunity with more responsibility? Grossman Solutions offers general career coaching sessions that we tailor to your specific goals and needs.  In a single phone or Zoom call or a series of 90-minute meetings, Grossman Solutions can help you assess where you are in your career journey and help you plan for the future you want.

Working with one of our coaches, you can focus on:

  • Developing a long-term plan for your career goals and growth
  • Assessing your own talent – your skills, your strengths, and where you can grow
  • Developing strategies for your job search
  • Returning to your career after time away
  • Networking to support your short and long-term goals
  • Building and managing your social media/LinkedIn presence to improve your job search
  • Transitioning into a new organization or sector
  • Transitioning from campaign work to an organization or government position

Resume and Cover Letter

Your resume and cover letter are essential parts of your job search. The right resume and cover letter can open doors for you. Hiring managers may receive hundreds of applications for every position, so yours needs to rise to the top of that pile. A Grossman Solutions coach will work with you in a one-on-one 90-minute phone or Zoom session to help you fine tune your resume and cover letter. We will help you present yourself in the strongest possible light by teaching you how to organize your resume and write a thoughtful cover letter that highlights how your experiences make you the right candidate for a job.

Interview Skills

The interview is the most important part of your job search – it will let you show your prospective employer who you are and what you can do.  We know that interviews can be daunting.  A Grossman Solutions career coach can help you sell your unique experiences as the best match for the job. Our 90-minute interview sessions will lead you through a practice interview, with questions based on our insights into the kinds of questions you are likely to be asked. We will discuss interview strategies and give you detailed, personalized input on your strengths and challenges. We will help you find ways to showcase your talent and experience and talk about where you have room to grow. We will provide tips and opportunities to practice the unique skill set you need for remote/Zoom interviews. We also offer coaching specifically designed for people who have not interviewed for a job in a long time – whether you are re-entering the workforce after a pause in your career or you have worked for the same organization for many years.

*None of these services will provide our coaching clients with any special consideration in the executive searches managed by Grossman Solutions.

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